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Rifle Casings

At Jagemann, our casings are manufactured with the serious shooter in mind. Drawn from American-made premium brass, our line of rifle brass is increasing and growing. Whether engaged in target practice, hunting from long distance or tactical defense, our casings will prove dependable and reliable, giving the shooter confidence that when they need the first shot to count, it will. 

4.6x30mm Thumbnail

The first casing for use with rifles from Jagemann Technologies. Features a rimless, bottleneck design; for use with military/police, personal and sporting weapons.


300BLK Thumbnail

Features a rimless, bottleneck design; provides a compact .30 caliber solution to the AR platform.


.223 Remington
.223 Remington Thumbnail

The .223 Remington (.223 Rem) is a cartridge with nearly the same external dimensions as the 5.56 x 45 mm NATO military cartridge.


5.56x45mm Thumbnail

The 5.56 x 45mm NATO ammunition cartridge is an intermediate cartridge first developed by FN Herstal.


300 Win Mag Cartridge
300 Win Mag Cartridge Thumbnail

Large rifle magnum


7 mm Cartridge
7 mm Cartridge Thumbnail

Belted Magnum