MURFREESBORO, Ten. – Jagemann™ Precision Plastics, a division of Jagemann™ Stamping Co., is pleased to announce its certification as an ISO/TS 16949:2009 company by the Bureau Veritas Certification firm. Jagemann™ Precision Plastics specializes in over-molded and insert-molded components for a variety of markets including automotive, electronics, and solar. 





This certificate of approval comes just fourteen months after the company was granted its conformance letter in August of 2013. Jagemann™ is proud of the Precisions Plastic division of the company, stating “This certification reinforces the company’s and personnel’s commitment to quality in providing our valued customers with assurance that the high quality parts that they have come to expect from Jagemann™ meet the stringent requirements of TS 16949,”  said Tom Jagemann™, Jagemann™ CEO, regarding the certificate of approval.

TS 16949 is an international technical specification composed specifically for the automotive industry as a method of improving the quality and delivery performance of the supply chain. Certification to this standard by an automotive supplier is recognized throughout the automotive industry as meeting all of the rigorous requirements of TS 16949.

The certificate is available for download on the company’s website:

To learn more or discuss details, please contact Amy Jagemann™, Marketing Manager, directly at (920) 684-2654 or

About Jagemann™ Precision Plastics

Jagemann™ Precision Plastics specializes in insert molding that combines discrete components, including metal and plastics into a single composite piece. This process has brought improvements to the automotive, appliance, solar and medical markets and results in saving customers assembly time, labor and money. Jagemann’s over molding is an efficient process for producing automotive components, solar connectors and electrical components resulting in both time and monetary savings.

JPP is a division of Jagemann™ Stamping Co.

About Jagemann™ Stamping Company

Founded in 1946 and headquartered in a state-of-the-art facility in Manitowoc, Wis., Jagemann™ Stamping Company is a family-owned, full service stamping company recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of deep drawn, progressive and fine blanking metal stampings. For more information on the company, visit or call (888) 337-7853.