US-based full-service stamping company to leverage heritage of quality and precision to produce casings for ammunition industry.

MANITOWOC, Wis. – Aiming to offer the ammunitions industry a vital solution, Jagemann Stamping Company, a noted leader in the manufacturing of deep drawn, progressive and fineblanking metal stampings, launches a superior ammunition casing line made exclusively in the US, by its new division Jagemann Technologies. The company will introduce several variants including the 9mm, 40 S & W and 4.6 caliber cartridges – at Shot Show 2011 in Las Vegas next week in collaboration with development partners L-TECH and Extreme Shock. The company intends to launch three additional cartridges in the near term including the .45, 5.56, and 7.62 caliber casings.

Jagemann Stamping sought to reengineer standard casing designs in an effort to maximize performance and to increase overall precision to result in a superior load. By studying common design defects and manufacturing flaws of these sub-par casings, Jagemann cartridges have been designed with tighter dimensional tolerances to guarantee a properly seated bullet and ensure successful firing each time the trigger is pulled. A key aspect to Jagemann’s service and support is the ability to adjust its product to specific customer requirements. Jagemann has 100% in-house engineering and tooling capabilities which can react to almost any customer need or situation. Plus, all Jagemann cartridges have successfully passed all required stress testing and mil-spec requirements.

“There is an overall industry need for better-quality casings that consistently perform,” explained Scott Bitter, Product and Key Account Manager for Jagemann Technologies. “A jam or misfire could literally mean a life or death difference for military and law enforcement personnel. Quality and precision are absolutely vital for this product.”

All aspects of Jagemann casings are produced in the company’s Manitowoc, Wis. facility to ensure complete quality control over the entire manufacturing process and secure the company’s position as the only privately-held U.S. manufacturer of both handgun and rifle, military-grade ammunition casings.

Jagemann Technologies will exhibit at Shot Show 2011 with Extreme Shock to introduce its new ammunition casings line. ( The annual tradeshow begins January 18 in Las Vegas and attendees are encouraged to make time to visit the Extreme Shock booth (#2117) to speak with Jagemann associates about the new casing line and custom-design capabilities. Interested associates or companies desiring to become development partners may also contact Scott Bitter, Product and Key Account Manager, directly at (920) 684-2625 or, or visit to learn more.


About Jagemann Stamping Company

Founded in 1946 and headquartered in a state-of-the-art facility in Manitowoc, Wis., Jagemann Stamping Company is a family-owned, full service stamping company recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of deep drawn, progressive and fineblanking metal stampings. For more information on the company, visit or call (888) 337-7853.