aidaJagemann™ Stamping Company has continued to invest in new production machinery and technology to expand our capabilities and meet the needs of our customer. As part of this effort, we have recently implemented a new manufacturing cell featuring two new Aida stamping presses. This system has been designed to offer a wide range of capabilities while still being able to run efficiently and provide a cost competitive solution. 

The system consists of a 200-ton mechanical cupping press directly linked with a 330-ton servo drive forming press.  This provides a range of options for blanking and cupping, including double and triple pass material use, along with a full die set for drawing and forming operations. These systems are linked, allowing the forming press to continue running while a coil change is completed on the cupping press, and automatic stopping and starting of the cupping press as needed. 

The 330-ton forming press is equipped with a quick change die set with magnetic clamping, allowing for fast changeover times and minimal downtime. This includes two die sets, one for production while the second is able to be changed over outside of the press. The servo drive on the second press also allows for slower drawing speeds, stopping for additional operations such as windows or side cutouts, and changing the shut height. The benefits of servo technology allow for slower drawing speeds and improved tool life, all while providing more parts per minute of production.  This can be done by either increasing speed on the non-contact time of the press stroke or eliminating the part of the stroke all together by using a pendulum motion. 

The new system is now used for two automotive projects, along with providing additional production capacity for new developments. This combination of a flexible and efficient system is designed to be able to provide a large range of options at a reasonable cost. While this system was initially launched with automotive applications, we continue to see other applications–industrial and beyond.