Premium grade, American-made brass for shooters who want the best

Jagemann™ pistol brass has been manufactured to perform effortlessly across more than a dozen of the most common pistol types, including 10mm automatics, .357 magnums, and preferred military/police-style weaponry. That means no matter how you choose to shoot, whether you’re a pro shooter or a casual sporting enthusiast, we have bulk pistol brass for sale that’s precision-built to match the occasion.

Capable of producing straight, rimless, semi-rimmed, and bottleneck designs, our pistol reloading brass delivers confidence to shooters on the hunt, at target practice, and when it comes to their personal defense.

.357 SIG

Bottleneck, rimless. Flexibility and easy feeding that’s perfect for large game hunting.
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.45 Auto

Straight, rimless. A combination of precision and power that’s efficient against large game.
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10mm Auto

Straight, rimless. Designed for medium-range hunting and ideal for self-defense.
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Tapered, rimless. Big power and moderate recoil, commonly used in military applications.
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.40 Smith & Wesson

Straight, rimless. Exceptional power with minimized recoil, popular with law enforcement agencies.
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.357 Magnum

Straight, rimmed. Great stopping power, high velocity performance, and a long range.
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380 Auto

Straight, rimless. A popular option for self-defense, typically used for conceal and carry purposes.
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.45 COLT

Straight, rimmed. Power, precision, and highly-efficient. Ideal for larger game.
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.38 Special

Straight, rimmed. A solid option for self-defense and target shooting, used in military/police applications.
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.32 AUTO

Straight, semi-rimmed. Compact and light with marginal stopping power and very low recoil.
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.25 AUTO

Straight, semi-rimmed. More reliable than rimfire options, compact, lightweight, and short ranged.
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.44 Smith & Wesson Special

An attractive option for reduced velocity target practice and plinking. Plus, fits in the longer .44 magnum chambers.
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.44 Magnum

Used in revolvers, carbines and rifles. Ideal for short-range hunting in North America.
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.38 Super

Straight, semi-rimmed. A well-balanced brass option featuring a flat trajectory, solid accuracy, and high muzzle energy..
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.38 Super Comp

Straight, semi-rimmed. With high feeding reliability, it’s a go-to for practical sport shooting enthusiasts.
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