44 S&W Special Cartridge

As the parent case to the more popular 44 MAG, the .44 Special is not quite as widely known or utilized. Gunmakers offered fewer revolver models chambered in .44 Special than others. Recently the .44 Special has experienced something of a resurgence, as many firearms enthusiasts have realized that the heavily recoiling Magnum round is really ‘too much pistol’ for many applications. Another key factor fueling the Special’s comeback is its ability to fit in the longer chambers of the aforementioned .44 Magnum revolvers, much like the .38 special fits in the longer chambers of the .357 Magnum. This makes the .44 Special cartridge an attractive alternative for reduced velocity target shooting and plinking. Popularity of cowboy action shooting has also helped pique interest in the .44 Special, motivating manufacturers to offer modern and reproduction firearms chambered for this classic cartridge

Drawn from premium American-made brass cups, these casing are rigorously tested to ensure unparalleled durability and dependability, each casing undergoes rigorous in-line and post- production quality assurance testing to ensure a flawless casing.

Standard casing dimensions and tolerances have been modified to achieve maximum performance. Jagemann™ Sporting Group’s in-house tooling and engineering capabilities provide the ability to customize casing dimensions for use with specific projectiles. We can meet your needs.

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Type: Revolver
Place of Origin: United States
Designer: Smith & Wesson
Designed: 1907
Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson
Produced: 1907 –
Parent Case: .44 Russian
Neck Diameter: .457 in (11.6mm)
Base Diameter: .457 in (11.6mm(
Rim Diameter: .514 in (13.1mm)
Rim Thickness: .060 in (1.5mm)
Case Length: 1.16 in (29mm)
Primer Type: Large Pistol
Max Pressure: 15,500 psi (107 MPa)


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